UPDATE: 6-year-old shot on southern Alberta farm released from hospital

CALGARY – RCMP say a six-year-old boy shot in southern Alberta is expected to make a full recovery.

It happened on a rural property near Beiseker on Tuesday.

Police haven’t released much information, but it’s believed the boy was accidentally shot by a small caliber firearm on a farm.

He was being driven along the QEII Highway when Calgary EMS took the call and met the car near Airdrie.

EMS say the procedure is unconventional but worked in this case.

“This could be a choice we’d rather not see if we can get to you quicker,” explains Stuart Brideaux, EMS. “But given the rural environment, rural addresses and things like that, in this case there was no delay in care for this patient.”

The boy was released from the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary on Wednesday.

RCMP will be seeking the assistance of the Crown Prosecutors office to determine if charges are to be considered in the case.

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