Time to join Alberta?

Premier W.A.C. Bennett’s worst nightmare was that someday the B.C. Peace River District would decide to become part of Alberta. To keep the Peace folks happy, he extended the Pacific Great Eastern Railway (the PGE) up to Fort St. John. The B.C. oil patch was able to grow and expand–keeping pace with the Alberta Peace River oil patch just across the border.

Alberta always had the advantage: no provincial sales tax meant that the Alberta patch would be the prime mover. 

On May 9, everything changed after the vote results were announced: the BC Greens will now hold balance of power in B.C. The Greens opposed everything the free enterprise Albertans hold dear to their hearts: a booming oil patch, pipelines running in every direction to move their oil and gas. 

The Greens are opposed to pipelines, railways, and seaports to move oil and gas to offshore markets. The Greens and NDP oppose bridge tolls on all the Lower Mainland bridges. B.C.’s Interior folks know what the Coast and Island Greens NDP want: they want the good life, but they don’t want to pay for that good life. Unfortunately for the Interior folks, we will be expected to pay for the Coast and Island free ride.

Note: The Greens are also opposed to the Site C dam. Yes, I am sure the B.C. Peace River District folks are seriously thinking about becoming Albertans. Someday in the near future, I expect to see a treaty between Alberta and Saskatchewan with Montana, Idaho, and Oregon to ship AB SK oil and gas to Asian markets. Unfortunately, BC’s NDP, Greens and Aboriginals, with their protest movements, have pretty well shut down AB and SK petroleum products to the Asian markets. Canada’s loss is Australia’s gain. Aussie export markets to Asia are booming. 

 For the past few days, I would imagine the numbers of B.C. Peace folks thinking about becoming part of Alberta have risen dramatically. 

—Ernie Slump, Penticton

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