Stephen McNeil flying to meet Alberta’s Premier Jim Prentice

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil flies to Edmonton Tuesday morning to meet with the new premier of Alberta, Jim Prentice.

It’s the first time the two men will meet in person.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  1. Sign a new labour mobility agreement which allows apprentices from either province to complete their necessary work experience in either Nova Scotia or Alberta. (Agreement was reached in August, but details weren’t ironed out until now.)
  2. Talk about immigration. Both provinces want Ottawa to increase the number of immigrants they are allowed to accept every year.
  3. Discuss what more can be done to attract international energy companies to invest in Canada.

McNeil will also visit the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, which bills itself as “the largest apprenticeship trainer in Canada.”

McNeil meets with Prentice Tuesday evening.

He visits the institute on Wednesday morning and flies home in the afternoon.

He needs to be home for Thursday morning for his weekly meeting with his cabinet.

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