New security measures for Alberta Legislature

As of Monday there will be new security measures for visitors at the Alberta Legislature.

According to Speaker Gene Zwozdesky the West Level 1 Door will be the only way for the general public, visitors and invited guests to enter the Legislature.

“I think that it is important for the public to know that they are very welcome to come to the Legislature, we are just asking them to abide by our new security protocols , which under this circumstances is made far easier by coming through one central point of entry and that will be the westside doors,” he explained.

“The main, or north doors will still be functional but they will be primarily used during occasions of ceremony and also as an exit point.”

There will also be extra screening of visitors.

“We will have metal screening as well as wand screening and checking of bags and purses,” Zwozdesky said.

He explained that the changes were a reaction to the October shootings at Parliament Hill.

“Legislatures across the country are finding it necessary to review their protocols and for us we take these matters very seriously and the safety of people coming to the Legislature is and always has been priority one.”

The changes are welcome but unfortunate, Kathy Duholke told CTV News.

“I am glad they are but it is sad being in Canada, a free country, that we have to go through this just because two terrorists decided to kill two wonderful soldiers.”

Duholke said the protocol changes would not stop her from attending the Legislature.

“As an Albertan I would still come. It is my God-given right to come here and nobody is going to stop me from doing it.”

With files from Amanda Anderson

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