New energy rebate program for Alberta businesses, institutions, non-profits

Businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations can get rebates for energy efficiency upgrades under a new program introduced Thursday by the Alberta government.

The $10-million program offers rebates to organizations that install eligible lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water-heating systems. The maximum rebate is $60,000 per facility each year.

“The potential savings when it comes to energy and money is real and meaningful,” Monica Curtis, CEO of Energy Efficiency Alberta said at a news conference.

Organizations can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills each year by making these upgrades, she said.  

Curtis said a small daycare could save more than $230 a year on electricity by replacing 36 fluorescent lights with LEDs. A rural recreation centre with a pool could save about $830 each year by replacing lights and upgrading the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

Energy Efficiency Alberta will offer in-person seminars and daily webinars for contractors, distributors and manufacturers who sell and install high-efficiency products.

They will be told what products and customers are eligible for rebates. They will also learn about the application and rebate process, although responsibility for submitting receipts will lie with the business or organization.

Schools, hospitals and post-secondary institutions can take part in the program. So can the owners of apartments and condominiums — for upgrades to common areas such as lobbies, recreation areas or parking garages.

Large industrial emitters of specified greenhouse gases will not qualify for the new program.

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