‘Most loving person’ in Alberta contest has early front-runner

A retired teacher could well be the “most loving person in Alberta.”

If enough people agree, 69-year-old John Myslicki could win a trip to Hawaii thanks to a Facebook contest started by a Stettler man.

John Myslicki

Lots of people think retired teacher John Myslicki is the “kindest man in Alberta,” and they are voting for him in a Facebook contest offering a free trip to Hawaii. (Facebook)

Myslicki, from Niton Junction about 150 kilometres west of Edmonton, didn’t even know about the contest until messages started pouring into his already busy feed Sunday night.

“With over 1,500 friends there are a lot of posts,” he told CBC News.

More than 100 people have already nominated him for his acts of kindness.

Myslicki is getting more friend requests every day, and the key to his popularity can be summed up in a word: kindness.

“Just with simple acts of kindness, you can sometimes change a person’s life,” Myslicki said. “They may be having a really bad day.”

‘Just with simple acts of kindness, you can sometimes change a person’s life.’– John Myslicki

The contest, which is accepting nominations until Jan. 25, was started by Cody Borek.

He recently won a trip to Hawaii when he bought a new SUV. Instead of taking the trip himself, he decided to offer the trip to a deserving person.

“Some of these emails about people from all across Alberta, and what they do, it’s really amazing,” Borek said. “I think I’m getting more out of it — much more out of it — than a trip to Hawaii would be.”

Myslicki says he hopes to lead by example.

“Our world has a lot of very negative things going on, and I think if people can see some positive things happening it can be very simple,” he said.

“People say: ‘Oh, I can do that, it’s not a big thing’ — and they can!”

Not surprisingly, the man who looks like Santa says he would rather see someone who’s never travelled win the trip, but he says there’s a vital task to take care: “I’d have to get a passport first!”

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