More job opportunities for young people in Alberta and Saskatchewan: think-tank

For young Canadians looking to land a good job, the West is where it’s at, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute.

The right-leaning think-tank says Alberta and Saskatchewan offer the best opportunities for to 25-to-34 set.

Meanwhile, Ontario and Quebec have prospects that are just as dim as the Atlantic provinces, from which there’s long been a westward exodus of workers.

The unemployment rate for the younger age group in Alberta is 4.2 per cent and in Saskatchewan it’s 4.8 per cent, versus more than seven per cent in Ontario and Quebec.

Between 2003 and 2012, on a net basis, nearly 61,000 young adults came to Alberta from other parts of the country, while Ontario and Quebec together lost nearly 52,000.

Alberta also has an edge over other provinces when it comes to per-person income and private sector investment, the Fraser Institute says.

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