‘I was scared for him’: senior assists Alberta RCMP officer injured in attack

WATCH: A senior shares his story with Laurel Gregory of how he helped an Alberta RCMP officer who had been beaten up.

EDMONTON – The man staggering towards Marshall Dulaba’s home was covered in so much snow; the 75-year-old couldn’t tell he was wearing a police uniform.

Dulaba spotted the figure through his front window as he was watching football late Saturday afternoon.

“I figured, ‘Oh, another drunk coming in,’” Dulaba said with a laugh.

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But the visitor wasn’t an inebriated stranger. It was an RCMP constable who had just been attacked while attempting to arrest a suspect during a traffic stop.

According to St. Paul RCMP, the officer received a tip the suspect in a domestic incident may be travelling in a vehicle on the Whitefish Lake First Nation.

While trying to arrest the man, the lone RCMP officer was punched several times in the head and face. The suspect got into the officer’s vehicle and hit the gas. The officer was dragged while trying to prevent the suspect from leaving.

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It all happened on the road in front of Dulaba’s home.

“I could see the lights but you see that every day,” he recalled. “I never thought nothing of it.”

When he opened his door to the approaching visitor, he could see signs of trouble.

“I noticed a cut on his forehead,” Dulaba says. “And I seen blood coming down. That’s when I gave him some serviettes and [told] him to clean the blood out.”

The RCMP officer asked to use the senior’s phone and called for help. St. Paul RCMP Cst. Allan Watt says the officer’s personal radio was working but it had spotty reception due to the remote location.

Dulaba says, at first, the officer said he didn’t remember anything about what happened. Concerned he may have a concussion, the senior kept talking to the officer.

“We start talking about him and his family. He told me his Dad was 76, you know. They are from Quebec.”

Dulaba says RCMP officers arrived within minutes and asked if the injured officer could stay until an ambulance arrived.

“I kept talking to him as much as I can, you know. And then he kept answering sensibly but he asked me at least four times ‘How long have I been here?’ So I knew that he wasn’t right.”

Dulaba says the ambulance arrived about 45 minutes later. The officer was taken to the St. Paul hospital, treated and released later Saturday night, according to Watt.

He is back at work on light duties, which means he is not being dispatched to calls in the community.

Watt is commending community members for helping the officer and assisting RCMP in finding the suspect within about 90 minutes of the attack.

Dominic Timothy Jackson was arrested at a residence on the First Nation. He faces seven charges including: assault on a police officer causing bodily harm and attempting to disarm a police officer.

“The apprehension of this individual would not have been possible in such a short amount of time without the help of several community members who came to his assistance, including the man who let the officer into his house,” Watt said.

Dulaba smiles when asked how he feels about being considered a Good Samaritan.

“Well, I always try to be. Never was in trouble with the law yet for 75 years!”

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