Gallant talks pipeline with Alberta Premier

The newly-minted premier of New Brunswick was in Calgary Monday night, shoring up support for the Energy East Pipeline project.

In his first trip as leader of the province, Brian Gallant met Premier Jim Prentice in Calgary.

Gallant made it clear he’s anxious to see the $12-billion proposed pipeline green-lighted.

“This is an industry in which we have a lot of experience as a county,” says Gallant. “This is an industry in which both Alberta and New Brunswick have a lot of experience not only doing it in an environmentally safe way, but also doing it to benefit as much as possible.”

The pipeline would bring oil from Alberta to refineries in Quebec, with an extension to a refinery and export terminal in Saint John.

Calgary-based company Transcanada is expected to file a formal proposal with the national energy regulator within weeks.

Gallant will also be meeting with Transcanada officials in Alberta this week.

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