Farm accident kills Alberta bison producer

EDMONTON – Thomas Ackermann, chair of the Bison Producers of Alberta and CEO of the Lacombe-based Canadian Rangeland Bison and Elk Inc., died in a farm vehicle accident.

Ackermann was killed during the late afternoon of Nov. 27, according to a statement from the Bison Producers of Alberta.

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“It is with extreme sorrow and a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Thomas Ackermann, CEO and Marketing Manager of Canadian Rangeland Bison Elk Inc., Chairman of the Bison Producers of Alberta and Vice-chair of Canadian Bison Association.

Thomas passed while tending to livestock, in a farm vehicle accident, during the late afternoon of November 27, 2014.

Thomas was extremely passionate about the bison industry and took pride in all that he did working to promote an industry with a bright future.

Thomas was a man who was greatly respected and loved.

His enthusiastic nature and charismatic personality kept him surrounded by many loving friends, family and colleagues.

Thomas was a dedicated family man, a great friend and a fantastic team leader, and will be missed deeply by his loving wife, his three beautiful daughters, and all of us who had the pleasure to know him and call him a friend.”

The group says it will provide more information about a service for Ackermann shortly.

According to the BPA, Ackermann co-owned and managed a larger bison feeding station while operating a mixed farming operation with this wife and three girls.

He had more than 20 years of experience in both livestock production and marketing. Ackermann had a master’s degree in animal science.

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