Chilly temperatures in Alberta Wednesday night

Chilly temperatures in Alberta Wednesday night

Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 9:20 PM –

There’s potential for freezing in Alberta Wednesday night with wind chill values making it feel like -12C in some places.

Frost advisories were issued for several communities.

“Clearing skies and a cold arctic airmass will result in widespread frost for northern Alberta,” Environment Canada says in a statement.

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“Take preventative measures to protect frost-sensitive plants and trees.”

Albertans have been contending with hazardous conditions on roadways for the bulk of the work week.

Snow has coated roadways, creating slushy, slippery conditions.

City crews have also been working around the clock to manage any fall/damaged trees from the early snowfall.

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“Due to the recent and anticipated overnight snowfall, the City of Calgary has been working to manage concerns regarding fallen/damaged tree limbs, including damage assessment and tree removal,” city officials said in a press release Tuesday. “Trees that pose a risk to public safety will be the main priority. Currently 311 is experiencing higher than normal call volumes and we appreciate your patience as we work to prioritize our efforts.”

At the height of the storm, approximately 3,000 people were without power in the province.

Temperatures will slowly start to rebound. By Sunday, they could be back to seasonal levels.

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