Central Alberta couple offering Hawaii trip to most loving Albertan

A central Alberta couple is on the lookout for the most loving person in Albertan and they have a huge reward in mind.

Cody and Eva Borek, are offering a free trip to Hawaii to the person they believe to be the most loving, caring, humble and forgiving.

“We just want somebody that lives like Christ would want them to live. So they are loving, they are forgiving, they are caring, they are selfless, compassionate. They can be a Muslim. They can be whatever it is they are as long as they are a good person,” Cody explained.

He said the idea came about when they purchased a new vehicle that came with a free five-day day trip.

“Our goal with this wasn’t just to give something away.

“Hopefully people can apply something like a good principle and to just give a little bit of payback to some people that are really doing a good thing.”

The trip, which is scheduled for March includes the flight, accommodation at a five-star hotel and breakfast.

“So all they need to provide is spending money and a little bit of food.”

Cody said he was impressed with all the stories he was hearing.

“You have no idea what some people do to help out their community but it is really amazing.

“It is going to break my heart to choose just one because I have been getting a lot of people that really deserve it.”

Those at Aspen Ford, where the couple were awarded their trip, said they were happy to support the idea.

“We were really excited about the whole idea of paying it forward,” sales consultant Will Brown said.

Nominations are being accepted until January 25 and the couple will then decide on the winner.

With files from Kelsey Nichols

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