BC, Alberta premiers say relationship is no longer frosty

The ice may be melting between BC and Alberta’s government.

Our premier and her new Alberta counterpart officially met for the first time today.

On his first visit to BC, Jim Prentice told us he and Christy Clark will soon start working on specifics of a plan to get Alberta oil to Asian markets.

Clark says no previous Albertan leader has had as good of an understand of BC as Prentice does.

“He has done a lot of work in our province over the years as federal environment minister, as federal minister responsible for First Nations issues… he really understands what makes British Columbia unique,” she says.

Clark’s relationship with former Alberta Premier Alison Redford was strained at times, over Clarks’ insistence that BC get its fair economic share of revenue from oil and gas projects that go through BC, like the Enbridge pipeline.

When asked about that, Prentice wouldn’t provide details on what, if any, understanding has been reached.

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