Alberta storm watch alert, Prairie provinces expecting snowfall and frigid weather

Alberta storm watch alert, Prairie provinces expecting snowfall and frigid weather

Wednesday, November 26, 2014, 10:52 AM –

The eastern Prairie provinces are anticipating a frigid week ahead, and for the western Prairie provinces, it only gets colder.

Winter storm warnings have been issued for parts of western Alberta, including the region surrounding Banff, with the snowfall set to continue through Friday. One key difference between a winter snow warning and a snowfall warning is the distinction of one cm of snowfall per hour for the former, says Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenkstern.

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Calgary will experience a hit of snowfall Wednesday through Friday as well, while Edmonton will see snow later, beginning Thursday and transitioning to Friday. Edmonton is expecting 30-40 cm of snowfall.

The mountaintops in regions under Alberta’s snowfall warning could see approximately 100 cm of snow or more, but since these areas aren’t highly populated, Wenkstern says the snow won’t have a significant impact on locals.

Cities across the Prairie provinces (even those without snow), will be dipping well below -20 C. In Saskatoon Wednesday, temperatures are at a low of – 24, Winnipeg at a low of -25 C, and Kenora at a low of -25 C.

Photo courtesy of Keith Dennis.


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