Alberta NDP meet in Edmonton to select new leader

A quiet campaign largely overshadowed by the Progressive Conservative leadership race and four byelections will come to a close Saturday when Alberta New Democrats vote for a new leader.

About 500 NDP members from across the province are expected to attend the leadership convention at the Sutton Place Hotel.

MLA Rachel Notley, MLA David Eggen and union leader Rod Loyola are vying to be the new face of the party.

CBC News will livestream the leadership announcement starting at around 4 p.m. MT.

The leadership race was triggered in April after Brian Mason announced he would be stepping down as leader, saying the party needed new blood.

Mason, an outspoken politician and the longest serving NDP MLA in Alberta history, will give a farewell address at 1:30 p.m. MT.

Mason says he is stepping aside at an ideal time. He says fundraising for the party is up and disaffected PC voters are looking for a new home.

“At some point there will be one party that will be capable of carrying the banner of progressive voters in this province,” Mason said Friday. “I’m convinced that’s the NDP.”

Voting will close at 2:30 p.m. MT Saturday. Results of the first ballot are expected to be announced at about 4 p.m. MT If no candidate gets 50 per cent of the vote, plus one, a second ballot will be held later in the day.

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