Alberta man missing in Mexico has contacted family

CALGARY- Much to the relief of family and friends, a Carstairs man has been found in Mexico after going off the grid for two weeks.

60-year-old Keith Riddiough left Carstairs in December on a solo motorcycle trip through the U.S. and Mexico, headed for Puerto Vallarta.

He had been in regular contact with his family when suddenly, on January 25, his regular phone calls stopped. There was also no activity in his bank account.

His family said that was out of character for Riddiough and frantic with worry, they contacted the Canadian Embassy in Mexico.

They also set up a Facebook page, hoping to find him through social media.

On the weekend, someone recognized Riddiough at a gas station outside of Puerto Vallarta and urged him to call home.

The family has not said why Riddiough’s phone was off or what happened during the time he wasn’t in contact with them.

Global News

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