Alberta man charged with lying to judge about being a sniper

CALGARY – For someone said to be posing as a deadly Canadian military sniper and allegedly lying about serving with Task Force 3-09 in Afghanistan as an elite member of the Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry, Mike ter Kuile is the worst possible adversary.

Not only is ter Kuile a sergeant with the Calgary Police Service, he happens to be a decorated Captain and former Princess Pat, who took a leave of absence as a cop to serve overseas with the Canadian military in Afghanistan, in Task Force 3-09.

I deployed in 2009-2010 to Afghanistan as part of Task Force 3-09, which is the very task force he claimed to be on, said ter Kuile.

Its a stroke of bad luck that has resulted in charges of perjury and obstruction for a Chestermere man now accused of lying about his modest military service in front of a judge.

Keenan Anthony Feeney, who goes to trial on the charges in July, did serve in the Canadian army with the Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry, but ter Kuile says thats where the truth stops and the bull begins.


Ter Kuile says Feeney, who was in court on charges stemming from a domestic incident, allegedly told the judge he was still serving in the military, and was currently working as a security consultant overseas.

Feeney was trying to convince the judge to return two sniper rifles and a handgun RCMP had seized from his home following the domestic disturbance, and he allegedly told the court the weapons were required for work.

He (allegedly) represented himself in court to still be in the military as well as being an overseas security operator, and he said he needed these weapons for his job, so he basically got his guns back, said ter Kuile.

But thats when the Calgary traffic sergeant was tipped to potential perjury, by a fellow military member who suspected Feeney wasnt telling the truth and because of his unique past, ter Kuile was given orders to investigate.

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