Alberta is the most generous province in terms of donations

Christmas has come and gone but Albertans are still in a very giving mood.

Despite record online giving amounts last year following the floods Albertans have continued to show their generous nature by donating to local causes in 2014.

Canadahelps was set up over 14 years ago to help local charities who can’t afford online services.

Paul Nazereth with Canadahelps explains just how generous Albertans were in 2014.

“In terms of the province Alberta is the most generous province with BC, Ontario, Saskatchewan coming right after it and the average donation in Alberta is about 166$ which is about 45$ more than the average donation in Canada” says Nazereth.

When it comes to major cities in Canada Edmonton ranked 9th in terms of dollars donated per capita year to date with Calgary coming in at number 4.

Alberta also ranked really high in terms of security donations having grown by 60% this year, second only to BC.  (JSL/BD)

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