Alberta environment minister in Peru for United Nations conference on climate …

CALGARY- Alberta’s environment minister is part of a Canadian delegation attending a United Nations conference on climate change in Peru.

Kyle Fawcett will be joined by other Canadian leaders in the Peruvian capital, as they meet to talk about the challenges posed by climate change.

The conference runs until Dec.12  in Lima, Peru.

The government said it will share its knowledge on environmental regulation, carbon offset and regional land-use planning.

“The world needs to know the great work we’ve done to combat climate change,” Fawcett said in a statement released Dec. 1.  “At the same time we know more can be done.”

“This conference provides us the opportunity to share our successes, connect with other jurisdictions and inform our future actions on climate change.”

The gathering in Lima precedes another conference in Paris, France where it is hoped a legally-binding, international climate change accord will be signed by nations around the world.

Alberta is planning to release a renewed climate change framework by the end of December.

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