Alberta Byelection 2014: Your guide to the candidates, the ridings and the issues

Here we are, Alberta, on the doorstep of the great byelection battle of 2014.

After weeks of announcements, promises, forums, Twitter fights and no small amount of candidate mudslinging, Albertans are finally heading to the polls.

The October 27 vote will decide once and for all (well, okay, until the next general election) who will represent Albertans in the Calgary ridings of Foothills, Elbow and West and the lone Edmonton riding of Whitemud.

Leading into that, we have profiled all three electoral districts in Calgary to provide you with an in-depth look inside each riding, the issues, the candidates, and what’s at stake. You’ll find these profiles in the ‘Battlegrounds’ section below.

We’ve also provided some helpful links voters can use to find their polling stations, as well as an extensive catalogue of our byelection coverage to date.

Pour yourself a coffee and get comfortable. Calgary’s most extensive coverage of the 2014 Alberta byelections begins right here.









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